The Pepsi GMT Taste Test: Rolex vs. Tudor

Baselworld 2018 was all about new Pepsi GMT releases from cheap   rolex watches and Tudor, and while nobody knows exactly what Rolex is likely to bring forth at this year’s Baselworld, the speculation has already started as to what we might expect. Will this be the year of a new Submariner design? Will the Explorer II be granted a somewhat overdue update? And isn’t it about time for a Cerachrom bezel Daytona with a gold case and bracelet?

Some of the most vociferous gossip amongst devotees surrounds the brand’s fabled GMT-Master collection, with 2019 marking 65 years since it made its debut. sale rolex watches enjoys a good birthday blowout as much as anyone, and many fans are hoping the brand’s gift to us all might be the one thing that has been notable by its absence in the range for years: the black and red, “Coke” bezel.

Now, nobody would be more delighted to see the return of ‘the Coke’ than me, but sadly I just don’t think it is going to happen, for two reasons. Firstly, 65 years is a bit arbitrary for copy rolex watches . The ‘big reveals’ usually come along when a model hits its half century. And secondly, it was just last year that all of the focus was on the Pepsi GMT, with both buy rolex watches and its sister company, Tudor releasing absolute knockouts.

A Rolex GMT-Master with a blue and red “Pepsi” bezel is an icon in Replica Rolex Watches Uk Forum the horology world. It was the first example of what would go on to become the most famous, dual time zone watch ever made. Over the more than six decades that followed, the replica rolex watches GMT has always been an option, in one form or another.

The original Bakelite bezels soon gave way to aluminum, which carried the various GMT references all the way up to 2005. That was the year Rolex introduced their Cerachrom (ceramic) bezel inserts to the model; however they had not yet perfected a method of applying a twin-color scheme to it. Instead, the GMT’s ceramic bezel was issued in solid black, rather missing the point of their intended purpose: to give an at-a-glance representation of night and day.
The closest we got to a Pepsi GMT bezel for the next few years was an extremely costly example encircled with rubies and sapphires; however by 2014, Rolex had achieved the method of adding a second color to their ceramic inserts, and a true Pepsi model made its entrance. Unfortunately, it was exclusively fitted to a white gold piece, leaving the legendary watch out of most people’s price range. This is largely why last year’s reintroduction of a Pepsi GMT-Master II in stainless steel stole the headlines for months on end.

Nevertheless, the fake rolex watches masterpiece didn’t have it all its own way. Like the little brother always trying to get one up on his older sibling, Tudor rocked up to Baselworld 2018 with a Pepsi GMT of their own.

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