replica Rolex Sky-Dweller watches

When the Rolex Sky-Dweller was launched in 2012, it certainly wasn’t what anyone expected, but it proved to be the most innovative and refreshing Rolex in years. Finally, the “Crown” introduces something completely new. Not a remastered version of the GMT, not a redesigned Sea-Dweller, nor any other Explorer.No, the Sky-Dweller is brand new, but it’s still a Rolex from head to toe. One more thing to mention is that the “Sky” was (and still is) the most complicated Rolex, not only because of its display, but mainly from the user’s point of view. For all these reasons, it is our duty to review the Rolex Sky-Dweller.

Since the Rolex Sky-Dweller is different-mostly in terms of technology, and not much has changed in terms of appearance, since it really looks like a Rolex-we’ll be reviewing it in depth; there’s a lot to say about this watch. But let’s take a step back. Prior to its launch, it was hoped that the Rolex would come with the GMT-plus, a new traveler’s watch with more features and more precision. Perhaps a new kind of world timer. So when the Sky-Dweller was unveiled, it wasn’t what people were expecting …….

Rolex actually unveiled THE Ultimate Ultimatemen watch, a watch tailored to the practical needs of the business man and beyond. Is the Sky-Dweller a sports watch? Not really, nor is it an appropriate dress watch. Like some of the watches in the Oyster line (such as the DateJust and Day-Date), this is a casual watch that falls somewhere between two worlds, making it the perfect everyday companion. However, it depends on the version. Therefore, instead of one version, we will present two very different versions: the sporty white gold/black dial (reference number 326939) and the more trimmed Everose gold/chocolate brown dial leather (reference number 328135).
In short, the Rolex Sky-Dweller is Rolex’s vision of the ultimate traveler’s/business watch. It’s a timepiece with useful features such as a second time zone and calendar function (date and month) and can be adapted to every situation, meaning it can be worn with a suit or more casually with a watch. The watch is not specifically designed for pilots (this task is assigned to GMT Masters), but mainly for people who fly a lot, work or play.
The Rolex Sky-Dweller is also Rolex’s take on complicated watches …… It is actually a very complicated watch. However, Rolex has always emphasized the functionality of its products over the complexity. Each function is there for good reason, for practical reasons. There is no added fun or beauty. This is actually why even the technologically advanced Sky-Dweller looks so simple. Every aspect has been designed to be practical, easy to use and useful every day. It’s another vision of high-end watchmaking. Like most of the Oyster watches, the “Sky” is a tool that simplifies life and helps you in certain conditions. A diver or sailor can help a diver practice his sport, the GMT-Master can help a pilot cross multiple time zones, and the Yacht-Master II can help a sailor start a sailboat race at the right time. The Sky-Dweller will be an ideal companion for travellers. In addition to its complexity, it aims to make their lives easier.

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