How much does it really cost to get a Rolex repaired?

Why do you take off your watch before a fight? In addition to creating an aura, of course, because watches are expensive, expensive, expensive, expensive, when pulling a casual knock can not afford to repair. We are also very worried about breaking our watches in our daily lives, like every time you go to a counter, the clerk will make you sit on a soft sofa and the salesman will take a tray to keep you alert at all times, treating you like a lady.

Is it outrageous that it costs so much to repair a watch? A little knowledge for the confused sisters: a good watch is more expensive than a watch to repair and maintain.

First of all, let’s talk about where a watch is most valuable. Generally speaking, the dial case can account for one tenth or even higher, out of the question official usually do not have rich original to replace, Rolex ordinary repair prices are probably listed, so like that just broken plate table, the public price of 210,000, only to pay less than 2w genuinely considered less (after all, repaired is also a second watch).

The remaining three tenths of the watch is the movement, where the technology of each brand is hidden, and there are hundreds of parts inside, so the more complex the movement, the higher the repair and maintenance costs.

For example, if you want to have a comprehensive maintenance, Cartier and Omega are the most common brands, the average mechanical watch will cost around $3k.

The cost of maintenance for slightly higher end brands can also go up. Breguet simple manual winding watch once more than 8k, complex multifunctional chronograph price to 1.5w more, a Chanel belt will not 👇

And a Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar/Tourbillon is going for 2w at a time. How much is a higher end Longines only? I’m sour.

Before my friend abroad bought two pp, two including tax a total of 110,000 U.S. dollars, back home found only Beijing and Shanghai have after-sales points, and ordinary maintenance a price of several thousand. so repair patching these years are enough to buy a Pu Pi BK, although expensive but worth repairing, the table is not a problem also let the table catch up with the appreciation, the value of these two years rose by more than 100,000.

To facilitate the deepening of the concept, I also made a pyramid chart,replica rolex watches really is the brand determines the maintenance costs ranking.

This is not all, these prices are only the basic price of “health care”, to know that maintenance is a cycle, if you want to make the watch wear longer, then this expenditure is like a 3-year fixed investment, the accumulation of months and months long over the price of the watch.

Turning back to the dial and case costs mentioned earlier, this is a good part of the equation. A watch, no matter how careful it is, will be bumped, just like a new mobile phone after the first drop, there are countless drops, the watch is bumped a lot of Jimei will consider polishing, a small thousand a time, if the wear is serious, but also consider using precious metals to repair.

Now very popular PVD colour plating repair once also about a thousand dollars, but like PP, Lange these brands of precious metals and exclusive formula (some called red gold and some called honey gold, slightly different colour), the price will go up again. But there is also an interesting term for the bezel, which is called “battle damage”.

The sapphire glass on the dial is prone to shattering if it is knocked even more severely, and the watch repairer I know told me that this is the most common problem that people encounter.

A fan had previously reported her Blancpain Fifty Fathoms repair experience, because the dial was damaged due to a broken crystal, and ended up with a total of more than 10,000 with the watch hands + repair.

Women who wear watches are also prone to the problem of lost diamonds, and a repair of the original diamond in this case can cost several thousand or even tens of thousands.

There are also many people who will set diamonds for watches that do not come with diamonds, like Zhang Yuqi and Wang Jiaer, both of which are post-set diamonds, and these generally cost several thousand to several tens of thousands, so it is no wonder that the most expensive diamonds in the world are not in rings and jewellery, but in watches. It is important to note that most brands’ official after-sales service will deny maintenance once the alterations have been made, so don’t be tempted to get yourself into trouble with a ‘cheap and shiny’ diamond.

It’s interesting to note that sometimes our broken watches can also inspire brands, such as the Crash watch from Master Can, which was mentioned just a few days ago. The story goes that when a customer’s watch was broken in a car accident and he came to Cartier to have it repaired, the case was badly deformed, but Cartier’s designers saw it and thought it was a strange and chic shape, hence the Crash👇

Also, water and foggy dials can be expensive to repair. I had a friend who left his watch in the bathroom when he was in the shower before and the dial fogged up. After checking, the movement was faulty and it cost almost 2w, after that I never dared to wear the watch into the bathroom again.

The more frightening than water and moisture, many Guangdong area Jimei must have felt, usually often put the watch in the cabinet inside, and so which day to take out a look (back to the south of the day moisture big), the dial has become a yellow face. The most terrible thing is that you don’t know when it has become, and when you find that you can’t go back.

Previously, a foreign netizen’s Patek Philippe 5370P (the same model as Wang Yibo), has appeared because of the dial moisture phenomenon + over warranty, the official inspection freight + basic repair costs given up to 2.75w👇

In addition to the dial and movement, girls wearing watches may also spend more money on the strap, shopkeepers generally recommend that the belt is replaced once a year, but girls themselves do not sweat much in the case of three or four years can be changed, of course, for the sake of decorative words can be changed anytime, anywhere, precious metal straps polished regularly

In the case of steel watches, many girls’ bracelets are deliberately placed looser and flung around on the wrist, which is also really easy to fall off, and the bracelet is also prone to become bent after a long time.

This situation I have encountered before, looking for the labor service found that they do not deal with this collapsed strap, can only pay for a new strap at a high price. Later on,replica watches I saw that there were some wild sellers on the internet who had replacement bracelets, but the authenticity was unknown, but the price could be a reference.

Through these examples I wonder if you have found that repairing and maintaining a watch is really a bottomless pit, before buying a watch I thought “the watch can be worn for decades” and I thought it was worth spending a lot of money to buy a watch, but in fact the later maintenance will often cost more money.

Of course, the table is indeed expensive, but the big brands are not all for the gorgeous build can not be worn every day table, will also take into account the needs of everyone, on the one hand, will be in the choice of materials on the effort, such as Rolex’s Oyster steel, rm’s carbon fiber case and the big brands are now popular ceramic material, more robust and wear-resistant than the general precious metals.

There is also the extended warranty has become a new trend in the watch industry, Panerai even has a carbon fibre case material to 50 years… It’s also very courageous to go out of your way for this, which is great news for us.

All in all, all parts of the watch seem very fragile, but not as easy to imagine bad, excluding quality control problems, most or because of the daily wear table posture is not right, we should also consider in advance to buy a watch after the maintenance budget, can choose a long warranty period as much as possible to choose a longer warranty time, so as to help you reduce the expenses of nearly ten years more worry-free.

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