cheap Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II watches

It could be the new CEO of buy Rolex watches, that does not mean that things will change for the old house. Crown is famous for updating and improving collections instead of replacing them. You will not be surprised to see the formula for Bazelworld 2015. However, one of the classics has important updates. The Rolex Yacht-Master is the new version of Everless Gold, with ceramic or rubber trim.

Rolex Yacht-Master is one of the few sale Rolex watches yet to be released. The rest of the collection – Submariner, Explorer II, Milgauss or Sea-Dweller – has at least minor upgrades or major changes. However, they all remain basic and do not update the existing models. The new Rolex Yacht Master 116655 is exactly the same: save with the database and add new technology – and another important update (at least for Rolex).
The first new thing at the Replica Rolex is now the 40mm case that goes into the 18K gold (or like the Rolex is calling its own alloy). At first, only a silver or blue watch face could be used with a stainless steel (with a platinum bezel), and now the Rolex Yacht-Master is converted into precious metal. However, this is not entirely true with the stainless version. Flexible curves for better business people and better understanding of the wrist. Of course, Rolex type caseback is usually done here and 18k gold. Water resistance is still 100 m.

The watch face is also updated with new materials and colors. As you will probably notice, the ornament keeps its rise and its 60 minute size, but now Cerachrom Black (Ceramic of copy Rolex watches), figures and finishes are lined up at the top, Good contrast to allow. Babies have the same dark black color and are provided with golden indexes filled with bright white material. The crystals (without anti-infection coating), cyclops or Mercedes’s arms are the same as stainless steel pressure. However, the 3135 Rolex Yacht Master is also suitable for travel due to the internal movement of the timer and stopwatch (COSC).

But great news, on the band. fake Rolex watches comes with rubber band for the first time. This can be very unusual for many brands, but this is great for Rolex collectors. This black Oysterflex bracelet is made of very soft and soft rubber. Due to its vertical stabilization system (two soft rubber strips are available on both sides), this wristband is very comfortable and gives the Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 a real pleasure. This Oysterflex bracelet is mounted on the Oysterlock 18k Yellow Everose cap.
However, do not imagine this cassette in any of your perfect Rolex watches, because these add-ons are new to Yacht-Master and are not compatible with other entertainment.

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